Urban Transformations Accross Disciplines:
The Art and Science of Design
Tuesday, September 14, 2010Herbert Dreiseitl – Landscape Architect, Artist, Water Expert, Germany
Chee Pearlman – Journalist, Conference Curator, New York
Tim Stonor – Architect, Urban Designer, United KingdomMacro Responses to Urban Challenges:
Design Activism as a Force for Development
Wednesday, September 15

Bryan Bell – Design Activist, Raleigh, North Carolina
Ana Maria Duran – Architect, Ecuador
Ana Gelabert-Sanchez – Planner, Landscape Architect, Miami

Community Engagement:
Art and Preservation in the Public Realm
Thursday, September 16

Andy Cao – Landscape Architect, Artist, Los Angeles
Theaster Gates – Artist, Urban Planner, Chicago
Brent Leggs – Historic Preservationist, Boston