Propuesta para el Concurso Internacional Parque del Lago
Estudio A0, Jaskran (Jazz) Singh Kalirai y Ana María Durán Calisto, en colaboración con Joel Sanders Architect y Santiago del Hierro.
Colaboradores: Jiménez Lai, Lorenzo Marasso, Jorge Ramón, Feliú Vega
Quito, Ecuador, 2008

Bullet points

  • Transversal high-density corridors (parking + commercial + residential) feed vegetation, public transportation and services into the city –> they promote higher concentration and contribute to deter sprawl into the eastern valleys and slopes of the city.
  • Transversal districts vary with the gradient of the park
  • Medium-density zone
  • Low-density zone
  • ¼ mile transversal districts = maximum of 20 min. walking distance to all basic needs
  • Transversal water ecology that has been obstructed by city and airport is allowed to flow and breathe again
  • Water is used, in some instances, as border strategy
  • Totora reeds and marshes serve as filters for the water draining down the Pichincha
    Volcano in the western margins of the lakes
  • A series of camellones (pre-hispanic mode of agriculture for lakes) activates the economy by introducing urban agriculture and agro-forestry into the park
  • Long-term phytoremediation, to be developed in seven phases (as each of the seven transversal zones of the park is regenerated) is proposed to counteract soil contamination. In “phase 0”, covering contaminated areas is recommended.
  • Park as infrastructural ecology capable of supporting higher densities
  • Lakes occur at natural points of convergence of reactivated water sheds
  • Hydro-electric micro-infrastructures (with heights of at least 3 meters)
  • Solar parks
  • Street lamps with photovoltaic panels and sensors
  • Recycling of existing airport infrastructure
  • Runway concrete bed can be used as an artificial geological stratification for the water canal, and as a source of “raw material” for terraces and other tectonic elements. An ecology is bound to grow spontaneously in the cracks of the eroding concrete.
  • Elevated, electricity propelled, speed train to new airport.
  • Housing development areas open to experimental architecture and diversity.